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Country music artist, CCA alumna Dani-elle Kleha began music career at CCA

Dani-elle Kleha began singing at the age of 3 with a rendition of “Angels Among Us” for her church audience and hasn’t stopped performing since. She describes herself as a “modern country artist with a bit of a throwback from ‘90s country.”

Dani-elle, 20, is a Lackawanna County native who calls Nashville, Tennessee, her second home. She graduated from Commonwealth Charter Academy in 2014 – but she didn’t wait for a high school diploma to start her career.

She’s a songwriter, musician (playing guitar and piano) and award-winning performing artist.

After she fell in love with music at an early age, Dani-elle and her family knew it was what she was born to do. She continued to perform throughout her childhood and even had a brief stint under the bright lights of the Broadway stage.

Read the full story HERE!

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